I am interested in how architectural histories of hydropolitics and agribusiness
intersect with traditional systems of knowledge, in Southeast Asia and its
elsewheres. My research draws on archival ethnography, thick-mapping, and
long-term fieldwork approaches. I teach at the National University of Singapore.

selected recent writing
Palm Politics: Warfare, Folklore & Architecture, PhD Dissertation, Summer 2021
Foreign Arms and the Economic Body, Of Migration, CCA Montreal, 2021
Seeds That Float, Architectural Theory Review, 2021
Loneliness and Disappearance, PLATFORM, 2020
Guest-edited issue of ARDETH, "Contingency" with Dana Cuff, 2020
Visions in the Lunch Hour, HK Dance Journal, Feb 2020
Gray Harbor, (with Ming Lin and Luke Casey) Art Papers, Aug 2018
From Homeless to Self-Built, Hong Kong’s Self-Built Communities, HKDI, 2017
Civil Measures, LA Forum, Nov 2016