recent academic writing
"Loneliness and Disappearance" is now on PLATFORM
"Foreign Arms and the Economic Body," will be published in Feminist Architectural
        Histories of Migration
(eds. Anooradha Iyer Siddiqi & Rachel Lee), CCA Montreal, fall 2020
"Faith by 1978" will be published in Narratives of Disease, Development Disaster,
        (eds. T. Avermaete, V. Baweja, D. van der Plaat) fall 2020
Guest-edited issue of ARDETH, "Contingency" with Dana Cuff, summer 2020
My PhD dissertation at UCLA is called “Palm Politics: Warfare, Folklore & Architecture”

recent other writing
Visions in the Lunch Hour, HK Dance Journal, Feb 2020
Gray Harbor, (with Ming Lin and Luke Casey) Art Papers, Aug 2018
From Homeless to Self-Built, Hong Kong’s Self-Built Communities, HKDI, 2017
Civil Measures, LA Forum, Nov 2016

At UCLA I recently taught the Global History of Architecture Survey (2019–2020)
At Occidental College I taught three classes in the 2019–2020 academic year:
• Turbines and Seashells: Architecture and the Pacific Ocean
• A City is A World, the World is a City: History of Urban Design
• Introduction to Modern Architecture

Teaching fellow, Architecture & Urban Design, UCLA (2018–)
PhD Candidate, Architecture & Urban Design, UCLA (2015–)
Adjunct instructor, Art History Department, Occidental College (2019–2020)
Adjunct instructor, Architecture Department, University of San Diego (2018)
Research Associate at cityLAB / Urban Humanities, UCLA (2015–)