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ANZA / Camenzind East Africa

Posted on August 22nd, 2011 by williamd

East Africa’s first architectural magazine

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Read the story here: www.camenzindeastafrica.org
9/19/2011 – 10/16/2011

According to the UN, the African continent is due to experience an immense population growth during the 21st century with its population more than tripling from one Billion to 3.6 Billion. Most of this population growth will take place in cities. Among the world’s 20 fastest growing urban areas, nine are located in Africa, with Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s biggest city, in the top ranks. An annual 130.000 people will move to Dar es Salaam each year. Most of this urban growth is going on badly coordinated.
There is no architectural magazine following and reflecting this development. “East Africa’s first architectural magazine: Camenzind goes East Africa” is a project that aims at changing this, because only local know-how combined with a powerful discussion culture can work towards sustainable growth.
The project takes the symposium “Global City – Local Identity” in Dar es Salaam as a trigger to launch the first East African architecture magazine. The magazine will be prepared by an interdisciplinary team of students in a workshop, attended by experts from Tanzania and Switzerland. The students will conceive, print and distribute the issue in both English and Swahili language and present and distribute it at the symposium.

With Camenzind and BHSF.

photograph: Kanywanyi and Kamphat read Anza #1 in Dar es Salaam, September 2011.

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